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You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, also called “classic massage” the most common type of massage. Massage therapists lubricates the skin and performs various massage techniques on the whole body including kneeding, gliding, tapping and stretching. Swedish massage promotes relaxation, relief of tension and stress, improvement of circulation, pain reduction and many other health benefits.


Deep Tissue Massage

More pressure than a Swedish massage, deep pressure is applied onto specific trouble points to get relief from past injuries and chronic muscle tension. This kind of massage can break up the knots and trigger points. It facilitates range of motion and the release of toxins.


Chair Massage

Chair massage is a massage that focuses on the high tension areas of the neck, back, shoulders. Chair massage is performed over clothes and doesn’t require massage oil. You are seated on an ergonomically designed portable massage chair with your face resting in a cradle.


Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is tailored to the specific needs of pregnant women and promotes wellness in pregnancy by relieving many of the discomforts experienced during pregnancy. Some benefits of prenatal massage can be reduced back and joint pain, improved circulation, reduced edema (or swelling), reduced stress and anxiety and better sleep. Techniques used are much like Swedish massage, but are adjusted for the changing bodies of pregnant women.

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Our Packages

Indulge in luxurious treatments and services with our spa packages for a perfect group event. Our experienced staff ensures an ultimate spa experience customized according to individual preferences. Choose from our range of customizable options to create a unique and unforgettable spa day. Book your special occasion or simply enjoy a day of pampering. Contact us now to plan the spa party of your dreams!

Joy Package

Indulge thy beloved with the gift of enchantment! Our Joy Package is a portal to a realm of tranquility and rejuvenation. Revel in the embrace of a hour-long massage, the caress of a spellbinding facial, and a mystical spa pedicure. This package is the perfect offering for spreading holiday enchantment.

Love Package

The Love Package, our offering of spa delights! A journey awaits the recipient, as they bask in the glow of a soothing 1-hour massage and indulge in a mystical 1-hour facial. Their feet and hands shall be adorned in spells of enchantment, as they receive our spa pedicure and spa manicure. Thus, they shall journey through the realms of rejuvenation, embracing the essence of true relaxation.

Zen Package

Let serenity embrace your essence with the Zen Package, a haven of blissful repose. Bask in the allure of an hour of enchanting massage, accompanied by the soothing touch of a tension-taming facial. As your spirit soars, a scalp massage and oil treatment will elevate your sense of calm to celestial heights.

Peace Package

Indulge in the tranquility of our Peace Package, a spellbinding elixir crafted to soothe the senses. Our honored guests may choose to bask in the restorative essence of a 1-hour massage or bathe in the gentle glow of a 1-hour facial. To complete this enchantment, a spa pedicure awaits to embrace your feet in a sea of serenity. Let us be your guide on this journey of wellness.

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